Our Solutions

Anitox solutions help feed millers and farmers to create a more secure and efficient feed supply for livestock. With the in-depth knowledge of the industry, these solutions are practical and can be implemented seamlessly. They can be divided into two parts :

(1) Anitox Solutions to control pathogens and unwanted microbes

With effective control of microbe contaminates in feed milling, is able to create feed values, improve livestock performance. The nutritional value of the diet can be maximized, improve feed conversion rates as well as reducing in mortality.

In addition to improving livestock performance, health and productivity, Anitox solutions help protect public health by removing feed-source pathogens which might otherwise go on to contaminate human foods. They also decrease the dependence on feed antibiotics, mitigating concern over residue and resistance development.

(2) Anitox Solution to improve efficiency in feed milling process

Anitox solutions deliver significant savings by improving the overall efficiency of the milling and pelleting process. With escalating ingredient and energy costs, feed millers rely on creative strategies to maximize resources. The Anitox Maxi-Mil program is able to help feed miller to obtain efficient results, reducing process loss and energy costs, improving pellet quality and increasing throughput.