Our Products

Product: Maxi-Mil

This is a sprayed liquid product used in the production of pelleted and mash animal feeds. It is specially formulated to provide specific, optimum improvements in feed milling efficiency and the reduction of production loss. It offers characteristic, along with mould inhibition.

By using it, it helps to improve the overall efficiency of the milling and pelleting process.


  • Reducing process loss by homogeneously distributing moisture in pellet.
  • Improved conditioning rates by thorough heating of the meal particles
  • Improving pellet feed throughput (tonnes per hour)
  • Reducing pellet mill electrical requirements (kw-h/t)
  • Improving pellet stability and durability
  • Reducing temperature rise through the pellet press

The product applied through a purpose-built dispensing system and can be customized and fully maintained by Anitox engineers.

The ingredients in Maxi-Mil are FDA/EU approved for use in all animal species.


Product: Termin-8

Termin-8 is an antimicrobial preservative that reduces mold and bacterial levels in feed. It protects feed ingredients from recontamination by pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella and E.coli.


  • Reduce pathogen load in feed and food chain
  • Maximize the nutritional value of animal diet
  • Reduce the use of antibiotics

Product: Punch

Liquid mould inhibitor that is compatible with most feeds and feed ingredients. It is stable during pelleting.


  • Prevents mould spore germination
  • Inhibit mould growth in feed and feed ingredients

Product: Blue Royale

Liquid product that reduces initial mould spore count, reduces bacterial levels, and prevents algae growth in drinking water for livestock.  It can be applied with attenuated vaccines, minerals, vitamins, and antibiotics which are applied through the watering system.


  • Reduces mould spore count and bacterial levels in water
  • Antimicrobial
  • Prevent algae growth

Product: MonoProp

Free flowing granular mould inhibitor that is compatible with most feeds and feed ingredients. It is stable during pelleting.


  • Reduce initial mould spore count
  • Inhibit spore germination and mould growth

Product: Sorb-It

Processed natural earth mineral used as toxin binder that binds a range of mycotoxins thereby neutralizing their harmful effects. It is pH stable and does not affect the nutritional status of the animals.


  • Reduce the adverse effect of mycotoxin on animal performance
  • Improve immunity
  • Reduce oxidation stress